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Wear White Right

Wear White Right
2010/08/25 Maya H.

Labor Day is around the corner and the perennial favorite has arrived...."When do I have to stop wearing white?" or "Can I still wear white?" or "How much longer do I have to wear this [pointing to white grab]?"  The answers are mixed, but here is some food for thought: Labor Day used to mark the end of "summer" simply because that's when kids returned to school and generally, the weather started to get a little cooler.  Now think about this: September is the biggest month in fashion and it's when every retailer and designer wants you to begin purchasing for fall ....[what better way to get you thinking than to note that you're summer clothes are no longer usable?]

Look, Listen & Obey:

  1. Make sure your white is white (and not ecru, dirty, cream)
  2. White + navy = nautical= “trust fund” haute!
  3. You can wear white as long as it’s warm outside (you pack it up when you head to Hawaii in January, right?!)
  4. White looks great in contrast to vibrant brights
  5. A white outfit with camel/skin tone shoes is absolute perfection!
  6. (A little) white + (a lot of) black = waitstaff except where the black is trimmed in white
  7. White comes in more than just linen.  As the season progresses, opt for white jeans or trousers
  8. White from head-to-toe will make people think you’re a nurse or an orderly – neither are ideal especially when you were aiming for ‘summer chic’
  9. White shoes should be avoided in most cases – they get dirty very fast and, frankly, after they lose that ‘brand new’ look, the fun is over!
  10. (Unless you live in Arizona) As the season progresses, the amount of white you rock should decrease.

Now, with Labor Day just around the corner, you’re set for traveling to the Vineyard, or making an entrance at that “All White” Party.