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Vibrant Colors for Fall

Vibrant Colors for Fall
2010/07/27 Maya H.

This fall’s two color trends are muted earthtones and vibrant colors.  So, I'm starting out bright and then we can end the week by ‘toning’ it down.  While the two fall color trends may confuse you, let me provide a few tips to making colors work:

  • Use vibrant colors are your accent colors.  Base color + accent = chic!
  • Hitting every runway will be rich purples and bright reds.  Try these colors with accessories if you’re interested in being stylish without going overboard.  Purses, belts and jewelry are wonderful options 

  • Every woman should own a pair of red heels.  Now I’m not saying you have to wear them to work but imagine your all-white ensemble with a red necklace and candy red pumps…hot!!
  • As you think about ways to integrate fall’s hottest color trends, also consider your lifestyle – students have more latitude than our attorneys at America’s top law firms
  • If you want to go big with vibrant colors, try a coat.  This way you can sport your color more often and in a more outgoing manner

Next up: muted earthtones and fall neutrals