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Unlike Beer, My Born-on Date Signifies Style!

Unlike Beer, My Born-on Date Signifies Style!
2010/10/26 Maya H.

Really it does!  A beer's born-on date signifies that at some point soon, what you're drinking shouldn't be drunk.  However, my born-on date signifies that each year, I'm just going to get better!!  In the spirit of all that is stylish, let me leave you with my thoughts and observations as I close out another decade of living.....

  1. If you treat yourself right, age is simply an indicator of good living.
  2. Fabulous to meet new people, but don't forget the old friends.
  3. Friends are hard to come by, so call a 'spade a spade' (i.e., PICs [partners in crime], road dogs, associates, sorors, business contacts, acquaintances, ride-or-die crew, etc)
  4. The best wardrobe item I have ever owned has been a fitted white shirt with just the right amount of stretch.
  5. Being true to yourself keeps the wrinkles at bay!
  6. You are born stylish, but you can acquire accouterments of style over time.
  7. Fun, fashionable and fabulous people hang in bunches!
  8. No one cares where you went to school or where you grew up, it just matters where you are and if it's where you want to be.
  9. Plan to do a major detox before the age of 40.
  10. I've learned to pack a week's worth of fabulousity into one carry on....
  11. White teeth and concealer are must-haves!
  12. Variety is the spice of life, but a signature look is the foundation of style
  13. Every woman owes herself the luxury of dressing well.
  14. High heels have always and will always be my friend!
  15. Laughter will get you through the toughest of situations.
  16. I believe in myself - and only hang around others who do as well!
  17. The best gifts have no dollar value....
  18. To whom much is given, much is required - what's your philosophy of life?
  19. I'm pleased with where I am....even as I pursue more
  20. I occasionally dance like no one is watching and make myself laugh out loud!
  21. I'm a contrarian - I keep my friends closest and my enemies away (since I already know their gameplan)!

I'll share more of my insights as the week progresses, but do feel free to chime in with yours!