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Travel Destinations: Basilicata, Tel Aviv, Seattle, Hawaii

Travel Destinations: Basilicata, Tel Aviv, Seattle, Hawaii
2014/09/12 Better Blueprint

Not sure why but my travel destinations this go round all center around food. I love food ~ I don't think I eat a lot (ask any of my family or friends....) but I enjoy something tasty - and sweet doesn't hurt too! That said, I'm not  a foodie but food is one of the visceral connections that crosses time.

  1. Basilicata, Italy ~ an old world beauty but a rich culinary heritage too; plus Francis Ford Coppola just opened a nine-room Palazzo Margherita (more here)
  2. Tel Aviv ~ the promise of charred egglplant, yogurt dishes, lemon everywhere, and savory spices makes this yummy!
  3. Seattle ~ everytime I go back, I love it more! Having lived there, it's like a distant return to a comfy chair...
  4. Hawaii ~ I'm still trying to get to Kauai but Maui is lovely too! Eating anything there is more enjoyable simply because of your surroundings!! Fish tacos!!

Not sure about weight gain but I'd consider gaining 10 pounds if I hit all of these spots...


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