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  • Jun122023
    The Creatives' Closet a style guidebook that show you how to dress better and build your brand and closet

    updating my latest book, the creatives’ closet

    It's happening, slowly! I was trying to think of the best way to do it amidst writing a new book…

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  • Feb142014
    style-book-fashion-know how

    The 2014 Must-Read Style Guidebook

    It's out. It's here. It's funny! It's informative! It's refreshing. It's accurate. It's on-the-money. It's what every woman needs to…

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  • Feb142014
    refinery29 - beauty - skincare

    Best Beauty Advice From Women Over 40

    Refinery29 featured five women over 40 who are beauty-ful and rockin' it - Blueprint for Style was one!

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  • Jan202014
    Mrs O-Michelle Obama-fashion-over 50

    I’m Helping Michelle Obama Stay Fashionably Fierce at 50

      I love sharing fashion and style insights, so when The Grio asked me to give some advice to FLOTUS…

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  • Dec192013
    new year eve outfit, cocoafab, holiday look

    CocoaFab: Look Glam For Three Holiday Affairs

    Cocoafab featured four fabulous looks by Blueprint for Style for three holiday affairs: Christmas Eve at church, Christmas dinner with…

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  • Dec182013
    holiday attire, holiday 2013, dressing right

    Racked DC: Tips To Look Polished For Holiday Office Party wanted to know how to dress appropriately when attending an office party, so we provided these seven tips to…

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  • Nov062013

    [Video] Fall Fashion Trends: Leather, Tweed, Cobalt Blue & More

    Waaay back in September, WUSA9 asked us come on air and share some top fall fashion trends. If you were…

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  • Aug132013
    fall fashions, cbs, wusa9, fall fashion in summer

    [Video] How to Wear Fall Fashions In Summer

    Have you ever wondered how you can get better use of your fall wardrobe? Well if you watched CBS/WUSA9 on…

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  • Dec212012

    Style Your Life With Monica Barnett

    Just to toot my horn..... Earlier this week, a digital strategist who helps cultivate online brands named Vicky Ayala relaunched…

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  • Oct032012
    black enterprise, blogalicious

    Takeaways & Tools Via Blogalicious on Black Enterprise

    Blogalicious 2013 was awesome...and I even got to share some of my tips for being more productive with Black Enterprise!

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  • Aug272012

    BlogHer: How To Price & Value Your Services

    Thank you to BlogHer for allowing me to share my insights with a fabulous group of panelist at BlogHer '12.…

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  • May232012

    Diane von Furstenberg’s Words to Blueprint for Style

    I had my first moment of "whoaness" when the legendary Diane von Furstenberg said "'s about an authentic relationship with…

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  • Feb202012

    Spark & Hustle’s “Daring Doer”

    They say all press is good press, but in this case it's actually really good. Blueprint for Style is featured in…

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  • Feb092012
    small business, timely payment, IAWEO

    IAWEO: Get Your Clients To Pay On Time!

    It's an issue many small businesses face, so IAWEO tackled it and came up with 22 fabulous tips for getting…

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  • Oct122011

    Part of @DailyBuzzStyle’s Top 9 Look at Leather

    Blueprint for Style got selected as one of the Top 9 for DailyBuzzStyle's Lovely Leather post. Check it all 9:…

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  • Sep302011

    Wearever the Weather Style Insights for DC

    I had a chance to chat at length with friend and fellow blogger extraordinaire for Wearever the Weather, Renae Virata.  We…

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  • Aug252011

    Daily Buzz’ Top 9 Fall Essentials

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  • Jul192011

    Back-to-School Must-Have Fall Accessories

    Blueprint for Style recently contributed to Wendy Rose Gould's terrific sneak peek at the must-have back-to-school fall accessories. Click the pic to…

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  • Jun012011

    A BadBallet Bi*^$!

    Read BadBallet's post: Taking a Leap Into a New Life - With Style

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  • May162011

    Femme Hire of the Month

    Read here about the Femme of the Month.....Blueprint for Style!

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  • Jan032011

    Justice Fergie Website Kicks Offs

    Read more about Blueprint for Style's take on what it takes to be a stylish mom, and what I'm haute…

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  • Dec242010

    Blueprint for Style is Fast Forwarding to Fabulous on

    I get quite a few emails about how I got started, what prompted me to leave a very lucrative career…

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  • Oct072010

    Patterned Dresses & Matching Belts

    I've seen a lot of dresses where the belts are in the same pattern as the dress. Is this a…

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  • Aug162010

    My Working Wardrobe

    Head to MyJet247 to read about what's in Blueprint for Style's working wardrobe....

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  • Jul272010

    Style Tip on Tulle

    Question: What's the secret to wearing tulle right? Answer:

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