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Top Stylish Valentine’s Gifts for Him & Her

Top Stylish Valentine’s Gifts for Him & Her
2010/01/29 Maya H.

This Valentine's Day, let your senses be lavished for all the work they put in day-in and day-out.  Take time to appreciate any or all of our five fabulous yet unassuming senses ... they are, after all, what allows us to smell the roses, taste the chocolates, feel the tender touch, hear happy tunes, and see the smiles on the faces of loved ones!

  1. Smell good: besides being very affordable, engaging the olfactory senses are supposed to send up the “I’m hot for you” flares! Jo Malone makes scents for him and her - they are unique, lasting and fave is Blue Agave & Cacao
  2. Feel good: luxuriate in an hour long session of ‘hot-n-heavy’ hands and tell him or her that you’re concerned about their well being…and likely set yourself up for a more limber partner.  Use Spa Finder to locate the perfect getaway or day spa for a temporary lull from the mayhem!
  3. Do good: for the philanthropist in you, make a donation to Haitian relief in the name of you mate, and reap the benefits closer to homeArtists for Peace & Justice are directing all of their funds to focus on rebuilding of schools and hospitals because they're also thinking long term (just like you...wink, wink).  Check out Huffington Post for other options.
  4. Look good: cufflinks for him (part deux can be the French-cuff shirt of your choice), check out Tateossian (they don't call him the "King of Cufflinks" for nothing).  A pretty charm bracelet for her (part deux…just add a charm as you go) and you can shop lots of great designs and reasonable prices at Charm & Chain.
  5. Hear good: while they’re great for listening to music or a DVD, the Klipsch Image S4 are also wonderful for drowning out unwanted/incessant chatter!  If you still want the best, then spring for the Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro -- rated number 1 by any and all technology experts but just be prepared because the custom made earbuds will cost a whopping $900!
  6. See good: ...instantly with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S.  While there are currently three in the Fujifilm instant camera series (55i, 7, 210), this midline one is all you need for an afternoon of entertainment and a lifetime of memories (I still have photos from my Polariod!)