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The History of Leather

The History of Leather
2013/08/07 Better Blueprint

moore & giles leather library

Don't act like you don't know that I'm a hug fan of leather {or that I didn't collaborate on a collection of leather goods earlier this year}.

But before you can develop a true love for leather, at least know the history of leather!

  • Leather went from being used to protect us from the elements to supplying us with footwear and handbags not to mention meat!
  • Approximately half of all leather produced today is used to make shoes, and about 25% for clothing. Upholstery demands only around 15% of the total product
  • Wall paintings and artifacts in Egyptian tombs dating back to 5000 B.C. indicate that leather was used for sandals, clothes, gloves, buckets, bottles, shrouds for burying the dead and for military equipment
  • Ancient Greeks are credited with the first record of vegetable tanned leather....{thank God for the Greeks!}
  • Today leather continues to be the material of choice for furniture, automotive, aviation and marine applications as well...and clothing!!

Read more at ahalife....

Style note: leather is 100% "in" this fall so choose wisely...and know that, if it's high quality, you'll have it for years to come. My top choice for leather this fall will be navy blue leather pants (these by Helmut Lang).