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The Art of Passing Cash

The Art of Passing Cash
2010/03/24 Maya H.

passing cashAs I was reading through a number of articles, I happened upon one about how to properly “grease a palm” and while it’s not a frequently practiced art today, it’s great information to have and only increases your “cool sophisticate” factor when you do it right.

The Details article (August 2009) gives three pointers to doing it “without feeling sleazy.”

  1. Start Small – a $20 is the accepted denomination.  Make your request as you’re presenting a Jackson.
  2. Practice The Handoff – Fold the bill into fourths but skip the Vegas-style pass.  Shake with your right, pass with your left.
  3. Be Persistent – higher-end hotels have staff trained to decline the ‘pass’.  Ask again and the cash will likely be accepted.

Sounds right –let us know if it gets you a better table!.