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Take Care of Your Tuxedo

Take Care of Your Tuxedo
2011/12/12 Better Blueprint

Whether it's one- or two-button, double- or single-breasted, tuxedos need love too especially as we go into Holiday/party season. Here are our best tips:

  • DO steam and dry-clean only once a year! Before wearing it, loosen the wool and kill any bacteria by leaving it in a steam-filled bathroom
  • DO store your tuxedo in a dark space in a breathable suit bag ~ do a periodic check to make sure the moths haven't eaten through it
  • DON'T use a wire hanger ~ keep shoulder pads formed properly
  • DON'T place iron directly on fabric ~ use a damp cloth between iron and garment
  • DON'T put the garment in direct sunlight ~ it will dry out and fade the fabric