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  • Oct302015

    Ready for the Weekend: Casually Chic Grey Day

    It's outfit inspiration Friday! It takes the best pieces that are on-trend like the vest and makes them wearably chic…

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  • Nov222012

    Heady Purchase

    A waistcoat or vest. It's just essential for fall/winter if you want to impress the ladies, channel a bit of…

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  • Jun132012

    Power Suit Without the Sweat

    Blazers create instant polish and finish to any business look but during the summer that can get kinda warm. Opt…

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  • Nov162011

    Nothing Extra About This Surplus Vest

    I have a new appreciation for vests. This Old Navy surplus vest is great because it's going to work great with my…

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  • Nov192009

    Playing it Close to the Vest at H&M

    When I say "vest", what comes to mind?  Personally, I conjure thoughts of Abercrombie & Fitch-esque kids running around or…

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