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  • Jul312015

    Stylish Reading: In My Shoes

    In My Shoes, Tamara Mellon Solid read... I have MUCH respect for Tamara Mellon especially given her humble and pedestrian…

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  • Jan022015
    HRC, I'll Drink To That, Deluxe, In My Shoes

    Aspiration #11: Reading

    I can read of course, but the reading I want to do for 2015 will be more intentional I have…

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  • Feb072011

    FYI….a Choo-In

    This month Tamara Mellon of the 15-year-old Jimmy Choo launches Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum ($95).  Tamara says this "sensual,…

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  • Jul202010

    The Best Choo Shoes

    Get a look at the Jimmy Choo's that Tamara Mellon recommends for your closet...and that's saying a lot since she's…

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