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  • Jun192023

    metallic sandals

    Metallic sandals should be a closet mainstay for warm weather! It's summer. It's warm. It's all about fun. I am…

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  • Mar232016

    Three Warm-Weather Essentials

    Does anyone else sit around and think of various looks for functions or events....that haven't actually happened or that you…

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  • May012015

    Ready for the Weekend: After-work Heels

    These Schutz drauzia heels are high but impossibly chic! If you're looking for a shoe that can carry you to…

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  • Mar272014

    High Brow Sandal On The Low

    I love the Isabel Marant sandal pictured here - it's one I've been hawking for quite some time but the…

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  • Mar192014

    Outfit: Dinner with the Girls

    Dinner with girls can be anything from casual to fancy but, in this case, I got to spend the better…

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  • Oct142013

    My Want List

    My want list gets revised often and the latest rendition has me firmly in love with t-strap heels. They are…

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