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  • Dec102020
    Ivory Paper Co is a black, female-owned paper company that creates beautiful daily and weekly planners

    [action required] look forward to 2021

    2020 has been a doozy and the best thing we can do is to look forward to 2021 - - -…

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  • Jan222016

    Taking Stylish NOTES in 2016

    I was sitting at a meeting a couple of weeks ago and one of my fellow JLWers sits down and…

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  • Jun202014

    Digital Age, Old Paper

    We live in age of technology ~ ipads and tablets, smartphones, apps and mobile settings....but paper still exists. For me,…

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  • May302014
    notebook, paper

    Write On!

    I love paper! Don't get me wrong - I'm a little techy too always listening for something tech-based to solve…

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