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  • Nov022015

    Farmers’ Almanac Says ‘Bundle Up’ This Winter

      Just get ready now....the Farmers' Almanac promises/predicts a colder than average winter for the East Coast and Midwest. Translation:…

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  • Jan202012

    Outerwear Is In

    On very good authority, I have listed the top points for men to note when thinking about outerwear: Slim-fitting ~…

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  • Nov012011

    Cool Weather? Warm Coat!

    It's all complained all summer about the heat and now it's here. Cold weather, snow, sleet and the…

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  • Jan282011

    How To Get Your Man to Cope With His Coat

    Winter is cold...and seems unending, but to lighten it up a bit, we think finding the right overcoat is essential. …

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