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  • Aug172015
    dive watch, Girard Perregaux

    Dive Watches

    An advanced 'thank you' to Esquire's Big Black Book for these fun facts.... the 1926 Rolex Oyster is generally considered…

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  • Jul022012

    A Guide to Watches

    A watch doesn't have to be diamond-encrusted or have a fully handmade movement like a Patek Philippe to be fabulous…

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  • Jan232012

    Men- Watch Yourself!!

    Admiring men's watches is a time-consuming if not expensive past time (the curated options are endless). An informal survey indicated that, other…

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  • Jun232011

    It’s Time for a New Watch

    The options are endless, but be mindful that for many folks, your watch is an indication of what you've achieved…

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  • Apr282011

    Sometimes Simple is the Most Stylish

    Our top 3 picks for simple-faced men's watches that won't break-the-bank, but will definitely leave you sitting pretty in the…

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  • Apr152011

    GQ Watch Report

    It's here and I'm excited: the GQ Watch Report! The usual suspects are present (Panerai, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Rolex, etc),…

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  • Oct202010

    What to Watch For….

    If there’s one brand that turns watch admirers into collectors, and Geneva into their mecca, it’s 170-year-old Patek Philippe. The…

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  • Jun252010

    Watchin’ Out for Rare Watches

    The watch connoisseurs at IWC just got their hands on a cache of rare Portuguese watches dating back to 1939,…

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  • Apr232010

    Blueprint for Style writes article, ‘What to Watch For’

    Blueprint for Style has written an article for It's A Movement e-magazine, an online publication focused on music, news, and fashion, titled, "What…

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