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  • Jun032016

    Matchbook Travel Memories

    I can't take credit for it although I've been doing it for a while but.....Afar, an online travel magazine, shared…

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  • Aug142015
    leopard print, matches, matchbox

    Ready for the Weekend: Matches

    I sounds weird but I fashion myself a mini-MacGyver (remember the television show?). Therefore, I always carry matches and…

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  • May282012

    A/W 2012 Pre-Trends

    Matches always does fashion top notch ~ they've developed the short list of A/W 2012 Pre-trends....that we're sharing with you:…

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  • May242012

    Put Denim In Your Dance Shoes

    I was trolling the internet and found these Paul Smith Muse denim trainers ($123)~ they are made of grey denim…

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  • Jun222011

    A Jewel-toned Gem

    A yummy jewel-toned dress that is the perfect, feminine length - the color pops in the summer sun - the…

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