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  • Feb242020

    Milan fashion week: takeaway #1

    Takeaway #1 from Milan Fashion Week = leather....everywhere! Find your leather skirt/dress/pants/top and rock it everywhere!

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  • Jun012017

    TOP 2017 Fashion Trends: ruffles, BOWTIES, ruching, asymmetry

    We see these trends everywhere right now: ruffles, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines and bowties! And as much as I hate being…

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  • Mar102015

    The Vastness of Denim

    I am reminded of the versatility and vastness of denim - it's everywhere! It's an American bred "thing" that is…

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  • May212012

    Are Skinny White Models Bad For Business?

    Finally ~ The Guardian says it....skinny white models may be bad for business. The debate over how small is too…

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  • Jan052011

    Key Trends for Women in 2011

    Here are the trends we've seen/heard/researched will be TOP in 2011: 70s glamour ~ LOVE this but heard to do…

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  • Sep212010

    2010 is All About the 70s!

    The 70s are well known for being basically lush.  The pictures below are great looks at how to bring the 70s…

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  • Mar152010

    Trendwatch: 70s are the New 10s

    Hidden knees.  A slightly 70s, below-the-knee hemline is the New Length according to Ms Philo, and she is the style…

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  • Feb162010

    Adding Inspiration to Uninspired Style

    Last week, I wrote an article on the fashion and style trends for spring/summer 2010 and the week prior to…

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  • Jan042010

    January – What’s Ahead

    Yep, 2K10....or Twenty Ten....or 2010 is here!  Blueprint for Style is ready and has a mission to make as many…

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