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Posts tagged with ‘Fall Essentials’

  • Oct252018

    Fall Must-Have #2: Leather Dresses

    Love leather! So that this fall leather dresses are everywhere is can do full-on leather or opt for the…

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  • Oct242018

    Fall Must-Have #1: Leopard Print Shoes

    You will see them everywhere and if you have a love for them (like a lot of us) then you…

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  • Sep092016

    Ruffled Blouse

    Tooling around one of my favorite websites to waste time, H&M, and I found this ruffled blouse...and I scooped it…

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  • Nov072011

    We’ve Talked About This…Now Win It!

    We've been talking about fall and sweaters for almost two months now (3 fall must-haves, a fall essential) ....everyone was sooooo…

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  • Aug252011

    Daily Buzz’ Top 9 Fall Essentials

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