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  • Apr262016
    Hermes birkin, designer handbags

    Designer Handbags are OUT!

    Trends ebb and flow and come and go but the last time the designer handbag industry saw an "ebb" was…

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  • Aug262014
    Hermes, Birkin, designer handbags

    Hermes: More Than The Kelly Or Birkin

    We all get lost of the splendor of Hermès (pronounced "air mess") and it's easy to focus on its traditional…

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  • Dec312013
    it handbags

    Infographic: What “It” Handbags Say About the Carrier

    Hermès Birkin bag. Proenza Schouler PS.1. Chanel 2.55. Céline Luggage Bag Tote. While I don't own any of these (sad…

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  • Dec212012

    Fendi Is Offering Fresh Baguettes

    No, not fresh bagels but baguettes. Fendi's baguette hit the fashion world in 1997 and was instantaneously a hit. It…

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  • Dec032010

    Chic Celine

    Céline makes gorgeous, sumptuous purses that are desired and coveted around the world.  Today is my/our turn; this is a…

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