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  • May192014

    Book Review: Bittersweet

    This post was inspired by Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, a novel that exposes the gothic underbelly of an American dynasty,…

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  • Apr302014
    Thrive, book review, Arianna Huffington

    Book Review: Thrive

    I'm part of this book club, From Left to Write and one of the books we reviewed for May was…

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  • Jan062014
    Happier at Home

    Book Review: Happier at Home

    Other than my book (shameless plug), I couldn't think of a better way to start a new year than by…

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  • Oct292013

    Book Review: The Dinner

    This book, The Dinner, was utterly disturbing but lead me down several divergent pathways. I started out by going to…

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