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Virtual Services


You need real help. You don't have a lot of time.You need to get your look! Sometimes we don't always have to be eye-to-eye to get the job done.


This type of service allow us to 'handle business' like sending you the pieces you need to build your wardrobe, sending complete looks to your inbox, putting your outfit together for a special event using what's already in your closet, or even making specific item recommendations based on your ongoing need.

Services Available Include...

  • Virtual Shopping Assistance: With this service, we research items needed and I provide email response with recommendations based on criteria provided.
  • Skype Sessions: These sessions are used for consultations to discuss, strategize and/or coordinate your headshots, perform a quick closet consults, etc.
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Don't have a lot of "free" time to find the right clothes, or go to the right stores, or find the right style for the right occasion? Problem solved with VSA (Virtual Shopping Assistance). Allow Blueprint for Style to handle the business of finding the right pieces and helping you build a beautifully curated closet.