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Spring Forward with DvF

Spring Forward with DvF
2012/01/25 Maya H.

{Marianna top, $265}

Diane von Furstenberg is having this Work Wardrobe Refresh Sale (additional 20% off when purchasing 2 or more items) and I'm using it as my springboard to will spring into existence. Indeed the winter has not been bad but I'm still ready to see it go. I have chosen two pieces from DvFs wear to work collection (even though I could chosen many more) to kickoff my 'wear is spring' efforts:

  • Alba Two Dress, $375 (available in navy, steel): it's sleek, it's navy, it provides midsection coverage, it highlights my arms

    {Alba Two Dress, $365}

    (doing dips everyday now), it's respectably short, if I must, I can wear soemthing underneath it or on top to layer for effect, and the crewneck allows me to any of my signature necklaces that I've been collecting this year.

  • Marianna top, $265 (available in buff, lollipop): it's easy and chic, it's feminine (especially in the light pink lollipop color), the cut is more forgiving than some of the others, and it works with my resolution of 2012 being my year of blouses and necklaces!

Now, you can choose your own items and remember you get 20% through January 31st.

Which DvF item are you craving?!