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Singing A New Tune With This Tun-ic Dress

Singing A New Tune With This Tun-ic Dress
2012/08/15 Better Blueprint

Singer/songwriter Mollie King of The Saturdays (a British girl group) was seen sporting this and I wanted to share.

It's not that she looks so fabulous or that she's doing something you can't ~ I like the look because it's easy, casual, chic, understated, fun, feminine and versatile.

Imagine this on a Saturday stroll thru the flea market with flip flops, dressed up a skosh with a pair of neutral heels and a clutch for date night, or with a fitted cropped off-white blazer for work......

There are lots of possibilities....

Shopping List: Colourblock Tunic Dress at Oasis, $92

Oasis Colourblock Tunic Dress