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Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey
2012/05/23 Better Blueprint

Most men don't do color (I know we've talked about this before, right?). C'mon ~ just try something new and more colorful...and I'm not advocating or even pushing for a full-on lime and cherry striped suit with a lemonade tie but, try it out in doses. Here are the levels and you can pick what's comfortable for you:

  • toe-dip: bright shoes {people notice your shoes especially if they're juxtaposed against a neutral navy suit or camel slacks
  • waist-high wading: bright shirts {it's the closest thing to your face so, undoubtedly it will be a little more dapper}
  • jumping in the deep end: bright pants { it's the main piece of your outfit and depending on your top, it can definitely say bold!}

Bright shoes

Bright shirts

Bright pants