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2020/12/14 Better Blueprint

There is something empowering about living alone but there is also the struggle of navigating least for me! I didn't spend the entire pandemic or lockdown [March until now] all alone but there were definite moments where I had to actively navigate the circuitous pathway of loneliness by focusing on all of the upsides!

Admittedly the idea of being able to live out loud' has its advantages such as all of the house rules are always obeyed - mostly that no shoes are allowed in the house - and all of the 'ideas' I have tossed around the house in various places can stay put, and that my outfits in progress that are missing a piece because pandemic mail takes FOREVER can await their completion on the sofa or dining room chair, and no one says a thing.

That said, there is a downside to living alone which is mainly that I no longer have someone to bounce an idea off of, and no one to look to for inspiration whether my boo, bae, or bestie. I have to look at books, think of things on solo trips to the coffee shop, and laugh at whatever I find on Instagram by myself in hopes it will turn into something I can use. That's tough...sometimes!

Enough weeping.... I don't think I'd switch because I love living 'la vida loca' but if someone awesome comes along, my plans are flexible. LOL!! The pandemic has forced a lot of single people to rethink their situation but I suspect it has caused a lot of couples to rethink theirs as well. The grass is not always greener on the other side - sometimes it's just astroturf!

Check out my take on living alone along with 10 other creatives insights! A BIG thank you to MyDomaine for asking and allowing me to share my thoughts...