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Monday Morning Power List

Monday Morning Power List
2010/05/17 Maya H.

A week's worth of fashion, faux pas, follies, fabulosity, finds, forgettables, regrettables, and the like......

  1. Pack Right, Pack Light: plan for airline attire, carry-on tote bag, and overhead bag.  Anything less than 5 days means you should have no need for checked luggage....
  2. Cognac: I'm not talking about whiskey but, the color!  Cognac is one of the most versatile colors in terms of moving season to season, and works with any outfit to keep it spring-y and light!! Invest in cognac-colored handbag and shoes.
  3. Make a List, Check it Twice: not for Santa but, to save yourself some money.  Keep a running list handy of items you need or really want so, when you go to a store or sale, you can be focused and fiscally prudent!

See.  Do.  Be.  Stylish.