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Monday Morning Power List

Monday Morning Power List
2010/08/16 Maya H.

A week’s worth of fashion, faux pas, follies, fabulosity, finds, forgettables, regrettables, and the like……

  • Opposites Attract (sometimes): (Sometimes) to get the most attention in a room, you should speak softer and more eloquently than your outfit...
  • "Glue": Outfit glue consists of the jewelry, handbag, perhaps the belt, shoes, and overall statement your accessories make as they act in support of your clothing.  Do not be fooled -- the smallest of items can mkae the biggest difference!
  • Fun Comes in All Shapes & Sizes: We find women to be guilty of this more than men but, sometimes having a good time during an evening out is just that.  Not to be mistaken for a come-on, a slight, any disrespect, or the like -- fun can just be a night of drinking that ends with laughter, a few unsavory photos, and lots to try and remember the following day.

See.  Do.  Be.  Stylish.