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Manly Monday Style Meter

Manly Monday Style Meter
2010/10/25 Maya H.

A stylish start to the week from last week’s lessons learned…

  • It's-Finally-Friday's-Quirky-Q&A: every Friday, we'll feature a new, everyday Dapper Don and share some of his style proclivities including preferences for hotels, footwear, underwear and technology.  Many are just what you'd expect, but several will provide you with creative sparks,  food for thought, a few moments of laughter, and pure entertainment!
  • It's All in the Approach: Similar to flying, approaching a woman requires just as much skill -- if you're approach isn't on point then you'll likely have a very rough landing!
  • No Matter How Off-Key, Strike a Chord: It takes thought and courage to serenade your S.O./partner/wanna-be-girlfriend, but know that if you put your best foot (chord) forward, it will not fall on deaf ears.  To be sung too, no matter how poorly, is enduring and memorable!

See.  Do.  Be.  Dapper.