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Leather Jackets & What Not to Purchase

Leather Jackets & What Not to Purchase
2009/11/10 Maya H.

[Courtesy of GQ] How Not to Buy a Leather Jacket

French Connection leather jacket $448• You are not Indiana Jones; leave the distressed brown leather bomber jacket to Harrison Ford.

• And on that note, those World War II tobacco-brown replica bombardier jackets? Absolutely not.

No patches.

• Leather jacket, good; leather blazer, not so good.

• Unless you just climbed off a Ducati, please refrain from padded, striped racing jackets.

• Zippers, yes; buttons, no.

• And remember, you’re not buying a leather coat, you’re buying a leather jacket. It should fit like one.

Focus on either a fatigue, motocross or bomber style with bomber being the most casual and fatugue offering the most versatility.