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join my boozy book club

join my boozy book club
2019/05/31 Better Blueprint
In Books, Paper
the template for my first get-together of the season....

When summer finally breaks, I’m ecstatic! And to celebrate (or solidify the occasion), I plan a get-together. Although my local friend pool seems to be dwindling, I have a few tried-and-true folks along with a couple of newbies.

The big decision is always the theme of the shindig and this year has been no different. I went searching for ideas and when I popped onto the Paperless Post website, I found a new source for options. I headed to their “flyers” section and just scrolled down what seemed to be an endless list of flyers and suggestions.

And then it hit me ~ a Boozy Book Club event! I’m an avid reader and just getting back into consuming about a book a month + a mixed drink or glass of wine is always a nice feature of my leisurely evening habit so…..”boozy book club”.

I prepared the invites, shared the essentials, am waiting to purchase the books for the event (compliments of the hostess, of course), and now just waiting for the replies to come in.

Moral of the story is three-fold:

  1. Be social (you’ll live longer)
  2. Use Paperless Post to come up with shindig/party/get-together/soiree ideas (no need to be that original...they've got tons of great ideas!)
  3. Include some type of enticement (getting a little alcohol under the guise of educational pursuits is cool)

And how ugly would it be if I didn't share my fashion recommendations for this (and any book club)....keep it relaxed, casual and loose!