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It’s Finally Friday’s Fashionable Yet Quirky Q&A

It’s Finally Friday’s Fashionable Yet Quirky Q&A
2010/10/29 Maya H.

Let's read about today's everday dapper don who happens to be a world traveler and personifies laidback, urban styling!!

  • Occupation: DM Retail Sales
  • Age: 35
  • City/State of Birth: District of Columbia
  • Current City/State of Residence: NY, NY
  • Status: Married
  1. Shoes or Sneakers? Soft Bottom Shoes 
  2. Lace-ups or Slip-ons? Slip-ons 
  3. Blazer or Sportcoat? Sport Coat
  4. Cashmere or Wool? Cashmere 
  5. Baseball cap or Fedora? Baseball Cap 
  6. Spring or Autumn? Autumn
  7. John Varvatos or Ermenegildo Zegna? John Varvatos
  8. Halle Berry or Selma Hayek? Halle Berry (Only love Us!) 
  9. Black or Navy blue? Black 
  10. Sweatsuit or Tailored suit? Sweat Suit 
  11. Tie or Bowtie? Tie 
  12. Pinstripe or Tweed? Tweed 
  13. Snow or Sweltering sun? Snow 
  14. Basketball or Football? Basketball 
  15. Redskins or Colts? Redskins 
  16. Colors or Neutrals? Neutrals 
  17. Pizza or Wings? Pizza 
  18. Argyle or Stripes? Stripes 
  19. Trenchcoat or Wool coat? Wool Coat 
  20. Flat-front pants or Pleated pants? Pleated 
  21. 4x4 or Sports car? Sports Car 
  22. Off-the-rack or Tailored? Tailored
  23. Nikes or Adidas? Nike 
  24. Action or Comedy? Comedic Action 
  25. Beer or Wine? Wine 
  26. iPhone or Blackberry? iPhone 
  27. Notch or Peak? Notch
  28. Tuxedo or Black suit? Tux 
  29. Sportscenter or Best Damn Sports Show? Sports Center 
  30. Pistachios or Cashews? Aren't they the Same? 🙂
  31. Rottweiler or German Shepherd? Rottweiler 
  32. Hotmail or Gmail? Um!! Gmail 
  33. Harley or Honda? Harley 
  34. Details or GQ? GQ 
  35. Laptop or iPad? LapTop
  36. Pullover or Cardigan? Cardigan 
  37. Boxers or Boxer-briefs? Boxer 
  38. Sushi or Thai? Thai (Seafood Allergies)
  39. New York or Los Angeles? NY (East Coast Lover)
  40. Plasma or LCD? Whatever is the biggest and latest
  41. Davis or Coltrane? Coltrane
  42. Wallet or Money clip? RubberBand 
  43. Your ultimate investment piece? Real Estate, but for style Audemars Piguet (Royal Oak Chronograph)