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Item of the Week: Feminine Leather

Item of the Week: Feminine Leather
2012/10/19 Better Blueprint

Lately, I've been pausing on any page or sighting of leather - and no, I'm not succumbing to my inner vixen. The leather I've been craving has been in the form of leggings (nothing new) and peplum tops.

They are so dang expensive though....DVF has one for $600, 3.1 Philip Lim has a long sleeve version for $1,350, and the list goes on.

They're still not cheap but I found two worthy of possible consideration by Timo Weiland and Elizabeth and James. The one by Timo is long sleeve, the leather is just on the sleeves, and the wine color is very now, so I'm thinking it would look hot with a faux fur vest!

Do you feel me on this? If not, what are you lusting for?