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Is There Such A Thing As Stylish Eats?

Is There Such A Thing As Stylish Eats?
2012/03/28 Better Blueprint

I'd say the easy answer is "yes". Yes not only because that's the rhetorical question/title of this post, but also because we have television shows that talk about "dives"; we have restaurant ratings that include "upscale dining"; and we have numerous jokes about where we will and won't eat based on whether the menu is posted or not. So what is stylish eats? Since this is my blog, my rules:

  • Delectable eats and treats {if you want to lick your fingers or your plate [but don't...I hope], it's ALL good}
  • A bit of glamour in the décor and overall atmosphere {if they cared enough to create bathrooms made of glass then it's fashionable}

  • Exclusivity {if it takes six months to get "in", I gotta believe it's HOT}

Based purely on those criteria, I've started a running tally of hot spots and WELCOME contributions and suggestions:

  • Minibar: Washington, DC ~ there are only 12 diners per night {6 per seating} | the chef is Jose Andres | it'll take about a month to get a reservation if you call everyday {or less if you're super special} | foodie Anthony Bourdain has hit the spot and loves it {and who doesn't at least listen to what he says even if you don't agree}

I'm still calling to get in ~ stay tuned!