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How to be a Stylish Man on the Go

How to be a Stylish Man on the Go
2009/08/07 Maya H.

As we end Men's Week, it's almost poetic to wrap-up the week by providing some insight on how best to leave or, more precisely, how best to put on your 'travelin shoes' and look stylish doing it.  The goal of our post today is twofold: to provide the essentials for traveling as a stylish man about town and add a few recommendations of products that will help!

Since you're reading this post, the assumption is that you're traveling for a long weekend of male-bonding, or a weekend getaway with your better-half, or conducting business in a clandestine yet action-packed locale.  The essentials for your trip include:

  • An understated but roomy leather duffel to hold all of your goodies Dolce & Gabbana Calfskin Leather Weekender
  • A pair of khakis (to be worn on the beach rolled up, or dinner with a blazer, or on the golf course)
  • Cutaway Collar cotton poplin Shirt2 white shirts (a great debate but let's stick with un-fussy oxford cloth; it's the basis for any outfit so carry a back up)
  • Lighter wash, lightweight jeans (head to the night club or any store to pick up a few more treats)
  • Classic sneakers (Jack Purcell's or Converse All Stars)
  • Cognac/tawny/redwood/whiskey brown loafer or simple lace-up shoes (every trip has to have a bit of real business...perhaps)
  • Cashmere v-neck sweater (whatever color works with your attire but stay away from black/dark colors after all, it is the end of summer and lighter colors still rule)Chuck Taylor All Stars
  • Seeksucker or chalk-stripe blazer (excellent way to "pretend" like you're serious)

Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers

The rest of the wardrobe 9and the trip) are up to you but, guaranteed that if you've got these items, you'll be ready for just about anything...let us know where you end up!!.