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Holiday Gift: Hearmuffs

Holiday Gift: Hearmuffs
2012/12/24 Better Blueprint

I didn't spell anything wrong, I said "hearmuffs".

Let me set the scene: you've decided to brave the elements and hit the 'Mag Mile' in Chicago, Fifth Avenue in NYC or tool around Georgetown in D.C. You're by yourself so it's cool to play some holiday tunes as your stroll and window shop but, you look kinda weird with a long white string hanging from your ear and it's making your head look like it has unnatural growths on either side of your

The answer: hearmuffs!

My good friend and fellow blogger, Julia, gifted me with these gorgeous silver fox hearmuffs {available at Bloomingdale's}. Aren't they adorable? And with my newly chopped hair, they look even cuter. They're available in crystal (cognac) and black as well.

Style notes: the wire which is detachable (yay!) is compatible with your smartphone, MP3 player or laptop and you can even answer or end a call with the button on the wire!! One drawback ~ the velvet headband isn't adjustable.

Yay for good friends ~ would you rock them? If not, what are you wearing to keep your ears toasty?