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Go High-end Webster or Go Target

Go High-end Webster or Go Target
2012/03/22 Better Blueprint

We just got word that The Webster in Miami is doing a designer collab with Target. This collab, due out in May, will feature a collection in which everything is under $50 (hello!) and while it likely won't be the same stuff from Milan Vukmirovic's super high-end Miami hot spot {they carry Balmain and most of their shoes run 4-5-6-$700+ bucks!}, we're almost assured the $18 Havaianas will be!

This store is for you if you want 'uptown boy meets city slicker and got mixed up with a cool downtown crew' look! The clothes are pricey (they're designer!) but some of the items during a good sale are worth the extra spend like the Neil Barrett leather bowtie that oozes 'I'm well-dressed and individual enough to rock leather to this occasion'.....'nuff said