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To Get a Flat Stomach, Do This

To Get a Flat Stomach, Do This
2014/10/01 Better Blueprint


It's an aspiration we all have or share. And we all want to get it by doing nothing (or as little as possible). Well now you can....

I received the FlexBelt and was 100% skeptical. I saw a few celebs on the brochure and still wasn't convinced, so I tried it out.


I think after using it three times, I could actually see a difference!! NO ~ my abs are not flat nor is there a "six pack" where my tummy fat used to be but there is an appreciable difference when I turn to the side (in front of the mirror) and when I slip on my tell-the-truth know the ones you put on to gauge whether you've been indulging too much!

The downside is it isn't permanent (not that I thought it would be). You need to use it regularly and often to see any lasting effects.

But at least you do see a difference without having to knock out 200 crunches.... WINNING!

Needless to say, I'm going to keep using it...even while I watch TV!