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Exactly WHAT Season Are We In?

Exactly WHAT Season Are We In?
2010/01/29 Maya H.

You'd ask the same question if you knew that Pre-Fall 2010, yes Fall 2010, looks are popping up already!!  We're still dodging the bullets that Frosty is throwing our way....not coming into spring...or summer....or fall but, somehow fashion has fast-forwarded there!

With that said, I want to provide a glimpse of one designer, Jason Wu, who was made famous when Mrs. Obama sported the virtual unknown's gown on Inauguration Day.  Since then he's a wunderkind but, more importantly, his fall pre-looks give us a glimpse of what's to come

[nggallery id = 45]

  • Signature belted shapes
  • Earthy, almost maudlin tones
  • Lady-like styling and aesthestics
  • Some edginess with leather and textures
  • Key takeaway: feminine but some toughness -- grey is the new black -- start with textured pantyhoses!