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Can I Wear White After Labor Day? How?!

Can I Wear White After Labor Day? How?!
2011/08/31 Better Blueprint

It's the proverbial question that pops up this time of could be because no one wants to make any outright fashion faux pas but I kinda think it's really because everyone still wants to rock their white and not be talked about in the process!  The answer is simple - yes, you can wear white after labor BUT there are a few guidelines (read RULES) that one should note and we share them below.

White can now be worn year-round especially if you live in seasonless climates.  The rule is old and outdated -- ignore it and just practice a dose of common sense mixed with a hint of fashion savvy:

  • NO linen or tissue-thin cotton items
  • DO wear white as a jacket or coat (stands out against all the black)
  • DO wear white on top (versus on the lower half) and go darker on the bottom

    Alexander Wang streamer tank

  • NO white shoes (ever.....ugh!)
  • NO white hosiery (unless you're 7 and it's Easter!)
  • DO try off-white or winter white
Diesel off-white jeans
  • DO wear white cords with olive tones and browns (skip black)

    Perry Ellis cotton trouser

  • DO rock a winter white suit for an After-5 affair
  • DO wear white with other textures/patterns/prints

    Bottega Veneta lace dress