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Bomber Jacket – A “I-Gotta-Get-This”!!

Bomber Jacket – A “I-Gotta-Get-This”!!
2009/07/13 Maya H.

Ok, it's not a style must-have but, I can picture at least four different scenarios in which this bomber jacket ($526) would set off an outfit....must have

Scenario #1: long jean skirt, tall Phallon riding boot, junk tee t-shirt, and my bomber jacket!

Scenario #2: cream full skirt, cognac-colored wedge heels, white tee, and my bomber jacket!

Scenario #3: skinny jeans, multi-colored ruffled top, some flip flops, and my bomber jacket!

Scenario #4: black pencil skirt, black fitted shirt, black tights and black tall skinny boots and my bomber jacket!

This bomber jacket can take the place of a fitted blazer in fall, a light car coat on a Saturday, an edgy addition to hit an outdoor venue after work, etc......are you getting one?!?!.