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Being Stylishly Pregnant

Being Stylishly Pregnant
2013/04/03 Better Blueprint

No, I'm not pregnant....yet! But if I were, I'd definitely do a second-take at the Hatch Collection []. I've been secretly spying on them as their collection has grown (19 pieces for spring) and waiting for the right pieces to catch my eye.


The hoodie ($258) ~ the best features are the soft, durable Japanese terry material and the asymmetrical zipper!
The slouch dress ($198) ~ the v-neck and dolman sleeves make this an easy piece to "grow" into
The sweatshirt dress ($238) ~ the ribbed gussets keep it fitting just right...

The pricing sounds a bit steep but, here's the kicker ~ the pieces are constructed so they work for you pre-pregnancy, during, and after you've become an official mom!

Don't get it twisted ~ I'm not moving into the pregnanista category quite yet but, when I do, I'll be looking for these types of easy, versatile, basics that will less the load I'm already carrying!!

{my favorite Hatch Collection pieces}

{my favorite Hatch Collection pieces}