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A Men’s Shirt for the Femme Fatale

A Men’s Shirt for the Femme Fatale
2010/01/25 Maya H.

I happened upon these shirts while combing the internet and given I have been searching for a men's style casual shirt with some feminine edge - this shirt answered my prayers!

  • Designer: Arnold Zimberg (LA native)
  • Where: online store
  • What: A feminine men's shirt in a myriad of colors from brown to red to purple to pink to yellow to blue
  • Style Notes: The shirts are tailored - all are plaid - they have great contrast collar (inside and outside) and sleeve cuffs - the trim are done in complementary solid coloring - double ply so you can't peek through...LOVELY!
  • Price: $146 regular price....look for a sale in the upcoming weeks!
  • Why: Your man will love that he can wear his own shirts and you'll love that you get all the benefits of a sexy shirt!