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2014 Goals & Intentions

2014 Goals & Intentions
2014/01/06 Better Blueprint


My word for 2014 is VALUE! Whether that means to value what I have, to not take something for granted, to increase the value of my relationships or experiences by being present, or to appreciate my opportunities and the corresponding revenue that results from them, I want to spend the year valuing what’s around me.

I don’t do “resolutions” because it’s so 1999 plus it loses something in translation, if you will. I choose words like goals and intentions because they more clearly define what I’m after, and they offer me the ability to transform who I am by designing a more purposeful life. I know it may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo to you but, I (and you) have a golden opportunity to craft something fabulous. Why not try?

That said, below are my 2014 goals and intentions. Care to share yours?!

read more books

more photographs

cook more meals at home

exotic location

informal get togethers

chat with family


lose 1-inch

mentor meetings

  1. Take more time to read
  2. Take more photographs (I’m not talking selfies either)
  3. Cook at least two meals per week at home (that sounds low but)
  4. Travel to an exotic location
  5. Do more informal get togethers for no-good-reason (and use the guests as unknowing taste-testers for my kitchen experiments)
  6. Talk with my family more
  7. Buy four ROCK STAR items (I’ve got a running list of the possibilities)
  8. Promote my new style book
  9. Lose 1-inch somewhere on my body (I’ve got lots of options!)
  10. Better prepare for my mentor meetings