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Archive for December, 2013

  • Dec312013
    it handbags

    Infographic: What “It” Handbags Say About the Carrier

    Hermès Birkin bag. Proenza Schouler PS.1. Chanel 2.55. Céline Luggage Bag Tote. While I don't own any of these (sad…

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  • Dec262013
    fashion, travel, British Airways

    Infographic: Fashion Habits of Travelers

    It's amazing the amount of information we give away (or do we?). Take a peek at British Airways infographic on…

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  • Dec242013

    Happy Holidays!

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  • Dec212013
    fashion economics

    Infographic: Fashionomics

    Fashion can be considered a superfluous at times and I might be considered to agree. However, fashion is as everything…

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  • Dec192013
    closed for the holidays

    Closed Until The New Year

    We have a few more tidbits to share before the year closes out but, by and large, we're shuttin' it…

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  • Dec192013
    new year eve outfit, cocoafab, holiday look

    CocoaFab: Look Glam For Three Holiday Affairs

    Cocoafab featured four fabulous looks by Blueprint for Style for three holiday affairs: Christmas Eve at church, Christmas dinner with…

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  • Dec182013
    holiday attire, holiday 2013, dressing right

    Racked DC: Tips To Look Polished For Holiday Office Party wanted to know how to dress appropriately when attending an office party, so we provided these seven tips to…

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  • Dec132013

    Infographic: White Tie Edified

    White tie. Black tie. Formal. After 5. What does your invite say? Here we show a great infographic that we…

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  • Dec092013

    Holiday Gift Guide: For Beauty-holics

    I have grown to love beauty-ful things including those that smell delicious and make others feel fabulous. These gifts are…

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  • Dec062013
    fashion, health

    Don’t Let Fashion Ruin Your Holiday (or Your Health)!

    Fabulous infographic that shows how fashion can go so wrong! We make choices everyday about what to wear perhaps we…

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  • Dec042013

    Holiday Gift Guide: For Foodies

    I'm not a foodie, I just love food but there are others that have developed a keen palate and love…

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  • Dec022013
    fold a suit jacket, travel

    If You Travel & Wear Suit Jacket

    This post is for you....even if it's just going to happen once over the holiday season. This cool site, Real…

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