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2010’s Biggest Luxury Puchases

2010’s Biggest Luxury Puchases
2011/01/14 Maya H.

So, you think "investment" purchases like an Yves Saint Laurent handbag or a Brunello Cuchinelli suit are big, well check out what some billionaires blew their cash on in 2010....some that just make you want to scratch your head:

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

  • Billionaire Stanley Ho, the casino king of Macau, paid $330,000 on the mushrooms and then not even eating them.  According to a truffle expert, the large, aged Italian specimens Ho bought--"grand champions," in industry parlance--were not even the kind you could eat....

    Hong Kong real estate magnate Joseph Lau paid $16.7 million for two antique incense burners that were shaped like cranes (apparently they symbolize longevity in China)at Christie's

  • London jeweler Laurence Graff paid a world-record sum for a gem, spending $46 million at a Geneva auction in November for a rare 24.78-carat pink diamond that was last on the market 60 years ago
  • Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

    American hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen spent $110 million on Jasper Johns' famous "Flag" painting, setting a record for most expensive work by a living artist

  • Texas pipeline tycoon Kelcy Warren spent $46.5 million in April on the 3,500-acre BootJack Ranch near Telluride, Colo. The estate can house 50 guests, and includes a 12,000-square-foot spa and aquatic center

What exactly will you be spending your inheritance on this year?