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Way to be Slick…and Sleek

Way to be Slick…and Sleek
2009/10/13 Maya H.

Ladies (and gentlemen as well), summer is officially over as the winter weather reports from the west come through and brisk evenings have settled in.  Fall and the inevitable winter mean we need a little extra meat on our bones to keep us warm but we don't necessarily want to show that extra meat on our bones so CHEER FOR SPANX!

SpanxLadies, I've happened upon one must-have: the Slim Incognito Shape Suit ($98)!  Now I have not tried it yet but, from all reports and research, it's exactly what we need.  It says there's zoned-compression (code name: suck-it-in) but from my experience, it's not significant.  Rather its winning feature is that is provides a sleek look to any outfit and, frankly, you can wear the nicest clothes but if they don't fall right then the extra money spent is all for naught!

If you find a better alternative do share, but until then, ladies let's agree that we need to order one just in time for our fall forays!  Gentlemen - I'll be on the lookout for something that works for that gut....