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Traveling To and Fro…with Ease

Traveling To and Fro…with Ease
2009/08/10 Maya H.


I have been going back and forth from DC to Chicago across the last week or so, and although this transition should be seamless this time of year, it's been a little bit of a hassle.  I'm not sure if it's global warming or just the gods conspiring to keep Monica guessing but, when I leave DC's sunshine, I'm assured of rain in Chicago, and when I leave Chicago's chilly summer weather, I land in sweltering DC heat.  All of this moving to and fro has left me pondering the essential travel accessories for the stylish Fashionista or Fashionelle.

For now and across the next few months (until we are fully steeped in winter), we should plan to carry:

  • A cashmere sweater -- because cashmere is so light, it's very versatile.  For the gentlemen who are less inclined to carry a travel scarf (see below), a sweater helps on the frigid plane, or works when the temperature drop is unannounced in your destination city.  It can be thrown over your shoulders for a more sporty look, and provides a temporary escape when the passenger sitting next to you doesn't smell as fresh as you!
  • A large travel/scarf -- I imagine most men 'doth protest' but, do you realize how often those airplane blankets (and pillows) are not cleaned?!  Especially during the height of summer, every plane you travel on blows lots of cold air to ensure the plane stays cool; the unfortunate side effect is that it keeps you cool too! 
  • A hat-- covers a 'multitude of sins'!  Whether you use it to protect your hair from summer showers, cover your hair after sweating it out in the humidity, shield your face from the elements, or to make a statement with the chic jeans-white tee ensemble you're sporting, it's like the fashion world's version of MacGyver (indispensible)!  Any style works (baseball, trilby, bucket, newsboy) - just think about your signature style and what's in your travel bag.
  • Water-based flight/hydrating cream -- most people will read this and wonder why, in the middle of the summer heat and humidity, Blueprint would suggest such craziness.  Well, the air on the plane is very drying (not to mention the effects of the altitude) so, no matter the time of year, some type of concoction on your face to retain moisture will allow you to move from airport to close encounter effortlessly.
  • Flat shoes -- I love heels; they are part of my normal routine.  However, there are days when Murphy's law (or just poor planning) prevail and, moving through the airport from terminal to terminal is just easier when you can take 3 inches out of the scenario!

Travel light but, travel right!!.