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Traveling in Style: Shoes

Traveling in Style: Shoes
2010/07/20 Maya H.

Question: How can I look fashion moving through the airport?  Quiet as kept, flip flops are not only not comfortable but, they make it difficult to run in if necessary.  And high heels are my life but, again, for quick layovers, a slip or broken heel is an easy way to lose cool points!

Answer: The range of answers we fielded included flip flops, high heels, wedges, sneakers and slippers.  The correct answer and most style-appropriate answer depends on what you're wearing - with that said, I'd opt for a pair of clean, white Converse/Chuck Taylors/Stan Smiths or adorable slippers like the ones pictured (Hogan, $140) that add a little panache to your outfit.  A similar, lower-priced option would be Footzy Rolls ($25 - $30) which come in several different colors (I have the gold, limited edition croc print and black).