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The Rain Boot or Wellie–To Be or Not To Be?

The Rain Boot or Wellie–To Be or Not To Be?
2009/10/30 Maya H.

Tretorn Skerry Vinter $62To be or not to be -- that is the question and Blueprint's answer is "let it be"!

Several shoemakers have some version of the wellie and, yeah, they're kinda cute but in a time when we should be focusing on investment purchases and items that are most versatile in our wardrobe, it's an item we won't miss if we don't have.  If you live on a farm, or do fall/winter gardening, or you're inner-child says you should run through puddles, or are out in the 'elements' for extended periods of time -- wellies are for you!  If however, you find yourself in a car frequently, or being called to the last-minute happy hour often, or do not own pets -- wellies can be moved to the bottom of the 'must have' list.

Should you choose to purchase them then buy bright or playful!  It's bad enough that you've found occasion to wear them and they're not a fashion statement so, have fun with them such that next time you're jumping through a puddle because you're inner-child has whispered in your ear, you can at least look down at the bright colors and laugh out loud!!.