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  • Apr262016
    Hermes birkin, designer handbags

    Designer Handbags are OUT!

    Trends ebb and flow and come and go but the last time the designer handbag industry saw an "ebb" was…

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  • Dec012011

    Where Is The Economic Downturn?

    If you asked me (which technically you are), I'd say it's the less fortunate that are feeling more of the…

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  • Nov152011

    High-end Handbag Lover

      Are you one? I used to think I was until I started running my own business....LOL. I have a…

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  • Aug232011

    Chanel’s Denim-Inspired Nail Polish

      Chanel's Denim Colors: Blue Rebel, Coco Blue, Blue Boy On September 8th, (Fashion's Night Out) Chanel will launch its…

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  • Jul202010

    Not So Fun Fashionable News

    Chanel prices are rumored to skyrocket starting August 1st

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